Roasted Almond

Roasted Almond  

Fancy Spreadable Chocolate 200gm

Fancy Spreadable Chocolate 200gm

1984 The Jordanian Roasting Group (Aloqab) was established in 1986 by Mr. Khaled  Alnatsheh with the creation of a small factory in Amman. 2000…
Manufacturing, marketing and related services of high quality diversified foodstuff especially (Nuts and kernels, seeds, Coffee, spices …) in order…
Innovation, Creativity, Commitment, Excellence, Nurturing and heritage these are driving Forces that have moving Aloqab nuts forward throughout the…


Our new export department was established in 2016, due to the raising

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Al-Oqab Nuts is participating at Fancy Food 2020.

Providing new Nuts & Mixes products.

As we know the importance of healthy nutrition, we provide healthy mixed nuts with dried fruits.

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